Reed's usann tennbou?

We have resumed business from November 25, the end of windmill demolition work.
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蔵王山展望台 トップ画像



2021December 5th. : 富士見デッキ、本日の眺望

2021年12月4日 : 富士見デッキ、本日の眺望

2021年12月3日 : 富士見デッキ本日の眺望

2021年12月2日 : "Mt. Fuji" silhouette clearly!

2021年12月1日 : Fujimi Deck Today's View



Toga is the gateway to East of the Atsumi peninsula you can enjoy a panoramic view of 360 °. On clear air distant views from the Japan Alps and Mt. Fuji.
2014On October 4, the "light" theme reopened.
2Floor play light and a starry sky terrace and Café entrance floor and 3rd floor observation floor enjoying the panoramic "experience floor, fourth floor, and at night.
Enjoy the natural symbol facilities and renewable energy as the tourist facilities of tahara-city Toga.

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Hours/9:00-22:00 Closed / open all year round.

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蔵王山 登山

紙芝居 風景

蔵王パノラマカフェ お客様

Vantage, lounging quietly spending the night is beautiful, the perfect date spot, such as bringing the voice of the majority!
Voice your pleasure from your esteemed Toga actually asked, let me introduce our we. When you come to the Hotel am see.

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